Steps to Starting a House Church...

Step 1: Get in touch with someone who has started a house church, or one of our trainers listed. (Click Here to See the People or Get in Touch)

  • This person will lead you in the majority of encouragement, training and advice that you will need. 


Step 2: Gather some people and have the trainer lead the gathering using the THREE THIRDS format. (Click Here to See the Three Thirds Format)

  • This model has been extremely helpful in making sure the practices of the house church stay biblical and it naturally provides the accountability to keep it on track.


Step 3: The trainer will be present, but this time, you lead the gathering using the THREE THIRDS format.

  • The first time you meet, the person who has been training you will lead the group using the Three Thirds format.
  • The second time, either yourself, or someone else from your group will lead using the Three Thirds format and the trainer will be present but not active.


Step 4: Continue meeting regularly walking through the three thirds format and using various Scriptures.  Consider using the STARTER TRACK Scriptures to guide your times together.  (Click here to view the Starter Track)

  • The Starter Track is intended to give a well rounded framework of he Christian faith.  It is a great place to launch a house church from.
  • Continue to use the three thirds format as it will help keep your worship, study and practice balanced. 


Step 5: Multiply - Now it's your turn to train someone else as they start a house church.  Get in touch with the person who helped you to ask what that looks like.